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No Obligation Statement Analysis

We will provide a free, no obligation analysis to show you how you are currently being billed and what we can do to lower your fees. Please feel free to send us your statement through one of the following options.

1. Direct Upload
2. Fax: (855) 725-9988

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What We Offer

We take the time to get to know you and build a solution that does more than process payments.


We employ the most experienced analysts in the payment processing industry who are experts at deciphering confusing statement formats.


We have a skilled eye in identifying junk billing and other billing categories that are marked up.


Our goal is to educate you on how to reduce your processing fees, driving more profits for your business.


After analysing your statement, if we see you already have a great deal we will point that out too!


What others are saying about us!


“We took the mystery out of my current provider’s statement and showed me where I could save money. It was simple and quick and I definitely came out ahead.”

Jim F.

Outdoor Equipment - Ohio


“I appreciate your professionalism and focus on my bottom line. It’s rare to find a company so customer focused and committed to helping me above all else.”

Melanie Ann R.

Italian Bistro - New Jersey


“It was well worth spending five minutes on the phone with We. Seriously, We analyzed my statement within minutes and offered a much better option than my current provider that not only saved money in processing expense but they also were able to upgrade my business with new cutting edge equipment at a great price.”

Ricardo G.

Tire Dealer - New Mexico


“I'm proud to have contacted a top-notch statement review team and I look forward in saving processing expenses in the future.”

Trin L.

Hair Salon - Tennessee

Awards & Recognition

We strive to help merchants nationwide reduce their overall credit card acceptance expense.

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